With our CAM Systems we are able to handle all current Data formats. Additional we have some CAD Tools in use to work with the data directly from your systems.

Type Name from
Eagle (up to version 9.3.0)
  Target 3001
  GC PrevuePlus
  Altium Designer (up to version 20)
  Design Spark
Viewsystems GC Prevue  
PCB Data Design ODB++ Version 6.1
    Gerber 274
    Gerber 274x
  Mechanic Excellon
    Sieb & Meyer 2000/3000

To avoid further inquiries it is necessary that we receive complete and well defined data.

In the following we have arranged some information to the different data formats.

If you are using a higher Update of Eagle, you can also create the Ext. Gerber Files per direct output.

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