Plated through holes (PTH holes)

For plated through holes, edge to edge the holes must have a distance of at least 400 µm. Please use the finished hole diameter to measure this.

Half-open plated through holes which are located on the contour of WEdirekt orders will be milled by us during the final cutting process. This can lead to burring on your PCB. In rare cases, it is possible that the plated barrel can be separated from the hole. Please consider this when you place an order through our WEdirekt Online Shop.

Note: If you need this technology, please contact us. Würth Elektronik will be happy to submit you an offer.

Non-Plated through holes (NPTH holes)

Non-Plated Holes are open after our manufacturing process. This means that these holes are not metallized.

Unique for HDI Microvia

Microvias are tiny holes in your PCB created using a laser. The most important parameter you need to consider is the aspect ratio (the ratio of hole diameter to the hole depth).

In the picture above, you can see the drill diameter (1), the hole depth (2), the finished hole diameter (3), the copper layer thickness (4) and the dielectric thickness (5). At WEdirekt, the aspect ratio used is 1:0.8.

In addition to the aspect ratio, the pitch plays a particularly important role in production. If you follow these three rules, there risk of issues with your layout and your PCB will be significantly reduced. This avoids queries and delays.

  • 0.75 mm BGA pitch (distance from center of the pad to center of the pad)
  • Our guidelines for clearances and structures
  • 350μm Microvia pad size

If your microvia pads do not meet our design rules, WEdirekt may amend the pad diameter to at least 350μm to ensure reliability.


Bond or BGA pads <300μm cannot be displayed in the online shop standard process currently, but we are working on a solution to implement this as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can request a corresponding quote here.

Buried Vias (HDI Microvia 1-xb-1)

A buried via refers to a hidden drill hole. It involves a via of at least two inner layers that have no direct connection to the outer layers. When selecting vias you must take into account drill hole diameter to the ratio of hole depth (the aspect ratio). The value must not exceed 1:10.

Important: Buried vias must be defined in the layout data as a separate drill file.

Here you can see an illustration of the possible buried vias:

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