Single PCB and delivery panel

Single PCB

Please select this option if your board does not require a delivery panel. Generally, individual circuit boards are routed. The PCB may contain inner cut-outs, so long as the conductor pattern is not broken. If the copper tracks are to be broken, then we will produce the board, and refer to the PCB, as a delivery panel.

If your PCB is smaller than 30mm x 15mm in size, please create a delivery panel using the "Delivery panel using online configurator" option. PCBs smaller then this dimension may cause issues during production and may damage machinery.

The maximum PCB dimension that we offer at WEdirekt is 426 x 271 mm.

Delivery panel

Delivery panel from data or attached documentation:

Do you already have the single PCB data and a delivery panel drawing? Then this option is the right choice for you. We will produce your printed circuit board in a delivery panel according to your specifications. If you need break-off tabs, please include them in your data. An additional marking on the delivery panel is recommended. The dimensions of your delivery panel may not be smaller than 30mm x 15mm or greater than 426mm x 271 mm.

If you need a nested or mirrored panel, please send us the completed panellised PCB data at order entry. The same rule applies for multipanels i.e. a delivery panel which contains different PCB designs.

Delivery panel using online configurator

Do you already have the single PCB data but no delivery panel drawing, yet want to have your PCB delivered in a panel? You can use the Online Configurator to state how you want your panel to look. The dimensions of your delivery panel may not be smaller than 30mm x 15mm or greater than 426mm x 271mm. If you need break-off tabs, please state where they should be positioned in your data.

Fiducials in the panel frame
On request, we will add fiducials on the delivery panel frame of your boards. These will be executed according to our WEdirekt standard. This means, that 3 copper pads with a diameter of 1,00 mm will be placed in the center of your panel frame. In the solder mask, there will be a clearance of 2,00mm.

Bad parts on a delivery panel
It’s possible that our quality department will mark individual parts of a delivery panel with a black cross. Please don’t use these PCBs since they are not matching our quality standards. We never discard more than 50% of a delivery panel. Furthermore, we restock the missing quantity by sending you more delivery panels as you have ordered to make sure that you receive the quantity you need.

Special features for Flex printed circuit boards

  • The distance between the single PCBs in the delivery panel has to be ≥ 8.00 mm.
  • A delivery panel frame of ≥ 7.50 mm is mandatory on all four sides.
  • If there is a copper free area, we always add copper cross-hatching in the delivery panel frame on top and bottom to help avoid your board warping.
  • The delivery panel frame will always be coated with flexible soldermask on top and bottom (also if you have a 1F stack-up).

Notes to the dimension

The size of your PCB is measured from the centre of the PCB contour to the centre of the opposite PCB contour. This also applies to routing. Therefore we advise the use of a 200µm contour line to avoid confusion.

The outer contour of your PCB can be created using routing, v-scoring or a combination of both. Single PCBs without a delivery panel will be routed.

When routing a delivery panel, the PCB is held in the panel by tabs. The standard routing tools available are 1.60mm, 2.00mm or 2.40mm.

If v-scoring is used at WEdirekt, we place your PCBs edge to edge in the delivery panel.

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