Missing, unclear, duplicated or incorrect files result in clarifications. This can lead to a postponed delivery date. To help avoid this, please kindly bear the following points in mind:

  • Does your dataset contain all the layers that we need for the production of your PCB? Are the drill files included?

  • If something could be unclear you should add an information as a text document to your data set.

  • Does the layout file match the online configuration? If we get different information we decide according your online order and producibility.

  • If you send your PCB in different data formats we choose the layout of our choice (preferably Ext. Gerber).

  • If you order a “Delivery Panel from Data” with different PCBs in one panel please send us the already designed delivery panel. We only design your panel if we can duplicate the same layout.

  • We produce orders according to our specification. If your PCB data does not meet the specification, yet is still suitable for manufacture, we will produce without consultation.

  • The configuration chosen by you on our calculator has priority over the data attached. For example, if a PCB is ordered without silkscreen yet the data contains silkscreen, the PCB would be produced without silkscreen.

  • We always assume that stubs (tracks without electrical connection) are placed with intent. We won’t contact you to query any stubs.

  • Impedance requirements, given in your data or documentation attached, cannot be met, due to a mixed copper distribution within our production panel. We will process your job according to our standard stack-ups and without further queries.

  • If we have to ask for new data because of missing layers or wrong layouts it generates a high extra effort in our production engineering. We reserve the right to bill this effort with 30.00 Euro per requested data set. This also applies when we get new files after the data check. Both situations can result in a postponed delivery date. Please pay careful attention to the supplied data.

  • If you have questions we are glad to help you further!

  • We are happy to make you an offer for your board outside of WEdirekt if you have different requirements. Please send us an enquiry. We will pass your request on to your local Würth CBT representative.
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