Milling and v-scoring


The outer contour of your PCB will be routed. We use standard routing tools of 1.60 mm, 2.00 mm or 2.40 mm.


When v-scoring, we carve notches into your PCB to leave a thin defined residual ridge. The standard ridge thickness is 0.30 mm, with a tolerance to ± 0.10 mm. The scoring angle is 30°, on both the top and bottom side. If your panel design is unbalanced, we require a scoring path of 10.00 mm.

We will use v-scoring on your delivery panel, if your data dictates this process. V-scored boards have the advantage that they can be very easy to break apart. This can result in a small strip of residual material of up to 0.15 mm per side. Please note that your printed circuit board may be 0.30 mm larger due to this process.

In the manufacturing process, we can v-score in the horizontal and vertical direction.

Apertures and slots

Apertures and slots are routed or nibbled by us. Depending on your layout, we will plate or leave them non plated as required.

If a cut-out is less than 1.60 mm (radius ≤ 0.80 mm), please select the appropriate cutting tool for your PCB in the calculator.

For manufacturing reasons we have to mill non-plated cut-outs ≤1.5mm using a milling tool 0.2mm smaller than the cut-out. The cut-out won’t be any smaller due to this, but we need to follow this procedure to ensure that no residues from the milling process remain in the cut-outs. Plated cut-outs are not affected by this procedure.

Design tip

Please note, that we cannot consider plans that differ from your CAM files. This applies, for example, for openings or additional mechanical details. Every note has to be part of the CAM data.


To avoid burring on your WEdirekt PCB, please consider the following distance rules:

Material Thickness Copper to V-Score Copper to Routing SMD Pads
0,80mm 0,40mm 0,25mm 20%
1,00mm 0,40mm 0,25mm 20%
1,55mm 0,50mm 0,25mm 20%
2,00mm 0,60mm 0,25mm 20%
2,40mm 0,70mm 0,25mm 20%
3,20mm 0,80mm 0,25mm 20%

If your design includes distances smaller than required, we will amend these for you. If the design requires smaller distances, please contact us.

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