Silk screen (legend)

WEdirekt offers you a standard service print in the colour white. Our Non-Pool area gives you the option of choosing the colour yellow, red, blue and black.

If you follow our instructions with respect to the text, we can avoid the merging of the text and improve legibility.

Please do not place silkscreen over solderable areas. If this is present in your design, WEdirekt will remove the silkscreen from the area.

A full-faced silk screen is only possible if you order a „More Technology“ PCB.

Layout specifications:

  • Font Thickness: ≥ 100 microns
  • Spacing between Characters : ≥ 100 microns
  • Font Height: ≥ 1.50 mm
  • Distance to the solder masks opening: ≥100μm

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Silkscreen may also be referred to as component legend or legend. It is used to mark the placement of the components on your PCB.

Why do we not print silkscreen on to solder pads? If we were to apply silkscreen to solder pads, issues would occur during soldering, assembly and E-Testing.

Do you use the EAGLE CAD software? In this case, you should change the software settings under "Options", to always select "Vector font ". Without this, text display difficulties may occur.

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