Solder Resist

At WEdirekt, we offer a green, photosensitive solder resist. Please note in your design, the following rule of thumb:

Solder Mask Pad Ø = Copper Pad Ø + 0,10mm

If your board has different values, we will adapt the layout to this rule of thumb. This is to be keep solder surfaces free of solder resist. Our recommended soldermask web is a minimum of 70μm.

You can download our solder resist datasheet here:

Remark: We use flexible solder mask for PCBs with a thickness of 0.50mm.

Information regarding the thickness of our solder resist
Thickness over base material 20-45 µm
Thickness over track 10-25 µm
Thickness at the knee of the track ≥ 5 µm

Remark for vias in solder mask / Production in Germany

At WEdirekt vias are always cleared in the solder mask. If the vias in the solder mask have no clearance in your layout files, we will automatically adapt this so that the vias will be not covered with solder mask. We use the smallest possible diameter for the clearance.

This is not valid for HDI microvia PCBs. Here the laser vias will be covered with solder mask if it’s in your layout.

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The solder resist provides multiple benefits. Solder resist can:

  • Protect your board against corrosion and mechanical damage
  • Prevent short circuiting when soldering and wetting of certain areas
  • Isolate components from the PCB surface
  • Improve impact strength of your PCB
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