Via plugging

We offer you an option via plugging through our non-pool area (manufacturing in Germany).

Plugged Via (according IPC 4761 Type III-a)

A plugged via is a sealed via with a non-conductive material. Here you can see a corresponding illustration:

The plugging process is a cost-effective method of closing vias. However, when plugging a relatively large clearance requirement must be considered in your PCB data. The clearance to the neighbouring solderable surface should be as detailed below.

Clearance to neighbouring solderable surface when plugging
finished diameter Plugged via mask Clearance between mask
and solderable surface
≤ 0,15 mm 0,40 mm 0,15 mm
≤ 0,25 mm 0,50 mm 0,15 mm
0,30 mm – 0,55 mm EndØ + 0,35 mm 0,15 mm
≤ 0,65 mm EndØ + 0,45 mm 0,15 mm


Please indicate in your PCB layout on which side we are allowed to realize the via plugging. Please also specify the diameter of the plugged vias.

The best way is to add a special layer in your PCB layout. The alternative method is a corresponding note in a text file.

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